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Conditions of Carriage

Bangkok Airways Contingency Plan for Lengthy Tarmac Delays

In the event of a lengthy tarmac delay affecting any of our flights that depart from or arrive at an airport in China, the contingency plan is as follows:

  1. Beginning 30 minutes after the scheduled departure and every thirty minutes thereafter: Information shall be provided to delayed Passengers regarding the reason for the delay and the status of the delay, if known.
  2. Delay exceeding 2 hours (including 2 hours): Adequate food and water for Passengers shall be provided.
  3. Delay exceeding 3 hours (including 3 hours) and there is no definite takeoff time: Disembarkation shall be arranged as long as safety and security regulations are strictly followed.
  4. Operable lavatory facilities shall be provided while the aircraft remains on the tarmac during the period of delay.
  5. Adequate medical attention shall be provided if needed while the aircraft remains on the tarmac during the period of delay.

In the event of a tarmac delay, airport and ground handling agents shall assist the Carrier in providing the related services.