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Special Baggage

Carriage of Hypodermic Needles

  • Under Thai law (and in accordance with international practices), hypodermic needles are classified as prohibited items within an aircraft cabin unless the passenger can demonstrate a bona fide need to have them in their possession.
  • Acupuncture needles are classified as prohibited items and are not allowed to be carried on to an aircraft cabin.
  • The passenger (and/or CIQ passenger) is required to carry a medical certificate or any other relevant documentation and identification to confirm that the hypodermic needles are required for use during the journey for a specified medical condition.
  • We are happy to allow passengers to carry sufficient number of needles as described in the medical certificate on board to cover the period from initial uplift and any onward transportation until the passengers are reunited with their checked baggage.
  • Hypodermic needle supplies in excess of the passenger’s in-flight travel requirements should be carried within checked baggage, where there is no restriction on the number of hypodermic needles you may carry.
  • Pen needles, syringes and injectable medicines are able to be accepted with no limitation and without Medical certificate or relevant documents.
  • PG allows using Insulin Pumps on board for medical use without doctor certification.

Note: Not all airport screening points are managed by Bangkok Airways and these screening authorities may have policies that differ from ours. Please check the regulations with the authorities of your destination, as these aforementioned policies may not be within the airlines control.


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