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Special Baggage

Conditions for Carriage of Firearms, Ammunition and Realistic Replicas of Firearms

  1. Firearms, ammunition and realistic replicas of firearms can be accepted on domestic flights subject to the conditions outlined herein.
  2. Only one firearm or realistic replica of firearms is allowed per passenger.
  3. The maximum gross weight of any ammunition carried by each individual passenger is 5kg (11 lb) and must be carried separately from the firearm.
  4. Passengers may transport a firearm, ammunition or realistic replica of firearms under the conditions outlined herein. Firearms or realistic replicas of firearms must be:
    1. Presented unloaded, inspected and authorized to be carried on board by airport staff at the originating airport.
    2. Locked in a hard-sided container and transported as checked baggage only.
    3. Permission to carry firearms, ammunition, and replica firearms on board a Bangkok Airways aircraft, will only be permitted in accordance with these instructions.
  5. Individual airport instructions must be followed and the following documents and firearms box prepared and presented to Bangkok Airways staff during check-in and to airport staff:
    1. The original firearms license in your name according to the regulation of the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand:
      • The original firearms license for carrying the firearms and ammunition (Por. 12)
      • An original license for possession or use of firearms and ammunition (Por. 4)
      • A copy of a license for purchase firearms or ammunition (Por. 3)
      • A police identification card (used as firearm licenses) at Police Captain rank or higher rank
      • A license or certificate for carrying firearms issued, under Thai law, to government officer intending to travel, state enterprise, or person to possess and use for government support such as a license for carrying firearm of Department of Special Investigation officer (DSI) or a license for carrying issued by National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), etc.
    2. Valid and original identification document of the firearms license holder e.g. Thai ID Card or Passport.
    3. Passengers own hard-sided container for firearms, ammunition, or realistic replica outlined in these rules.*

Remark : Due to operational reasons, the passenger travelling on a flight using ATR72-500/600 aircraft type are required to use the Bangkok Airways firearms box instead of passenger provided hard-sided container. Please contact Bangkok Airways call center for more details.


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