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Press Release


Bangkok Airways strengthens its hygienic measures to prevent the current spread of COVID-19 In-flight meals and passenger lounge services will be temporarily suspended

Bangkok / 12 April 2021 – Due to the recent spread of COVID-19 in many parts of the country, and in order to enhance the airline’s precautions and prevention measures as well as to be in accordance with the standards and guidance of The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) regarding practices in passenger service for domestic flight routes during the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) 2021 situation. Bangkok Airways needs to temporarily suspend its in-flight meals service and will also temporarily close all of its passenger lounge services. The airline recognizes that the health and safety of passengers and staffs are of the utmost priority.

The airline’s precaution and prevention plans are as follows;

  1. The airline will intensify its social distancing procedures, especially at high–traffic points such as check-in counters, embark and disembark the aircraft to ensure safe distances between passengers.
  2. Minimize the capacity of transfer buses to not more than 70% to maintain appropriate social distancing and disinfect high traffic areas before and after service.
  3. Suspension of in-flight food and beverage service and consumption of personal food and drink is not allowed onboard. Unless there is an emergency, cabin crew may consider providing drinking water to necessary passengers, however, such activity will be done in a designated space
  4. Bangkok Airways Passenger Lounges, Food and Beverages Kiosks, Courtesy Corners at available airports, snacks will be temporarily closed effective from 13 April 2021 until further notice
  5. Passengers are required to wear protective face mask at all times while onboard and are encouraged to frequently use hand sanitizer during travel
  6. The airline will stop providing newspapers and magazines as well as suspend in-flight souvenir sales
  7. All cabin crew will be wearing surgical mask, gloves and protective face shield at all times when on duty
  8. All pilots will be wearing surgical mask at all times when on duty
  9. The airline will increase frequency of general cleaning in high-traffic areas which include disinfecting and cleaning of all key areas such as check-in counters, passenger lounges, food & beverage kiosks, and in aircraft cabins especially the common areas and touch points. The laboratories are being sprayed with strong disinfectants after every single use.

Moreover, precautionary measures at airports under the management of Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited which are Samui Airport, Sukhothai Airport and Trat Airport, have been in place in accordance to safety measures and social distancing guidelines set by the Ministry of Public Health and the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand as follow;

  1. Airports will conduct body temperature screening to all passengers, customers and employees. If anyone found with high body temperature (higher than 37.3 Celsius), they will not be allowed to enter the premises and the airports will strictly follow the procedures set by Department of Decease Control, the Ministry of Public Health to report the case
  2. Coordinate with the disease control checkpoints, Ministry of Public Health in screening tests and checking travel history of passengers
  3. Floor markers will be placed to indicate necessary social distancing at check-in counters, baggage claim areas, waiting areas and on transfer bus
  4. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be provided for adequate use throughout the airports. 
  5. Passengers, customers and employees are required to wear masks at all times when in airport terminals
  6. Airport disinfectant cleaning is set to be done on hourly basis while common service areas and high-traffic areas will be cleaned more frequently
  7. Perform high quality and effective disinfectant spraying to kill COVID-19 virus in all areas especially in passenger lounges and high traffic areas throughout the airport

In addition, the company has rolled out a policy to prevent employees from traveling to the high-risk countries as well as requesting all employees not to travel at this at this time unless absolutely necessary.

The company’s precaution and prevention plans are in accordance with the standards and guidance of national authorities such as Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health and The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand.

12 April 2021