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Press Release


Bangkok Airways Plc AGM of Shareholders 2020

On Friday 3 July 2020, Bangkok Airways Plc (the Company) organized AGM of Shareholders 2020 (the Meeting) at The Jupiter room, Miracle Grand Convention Center Hotel chaired by ACM Kaset Rojananil, Chairman of the Company, attended by Board of Management and shareholders. Significant agendas included


1. Report on Annual Operation Results 2019

The Meeting acknowledged the Annual Report on Operation Result 2019 which demonstrated development in many areas such as opening of new flight routes – Bangkok-Camranh (Vietnam), Chiang Mai-Krabi, Chiang Mai-Luang Prabang (Laos); total code share partners remained the same at 27 with one addition - Turkish Airlines - and one cancellation - Jet Airways which went out of business. Regarding investment projects, the Company together with BTS Group Holding Plc and Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction Plc formed BBS Jointed Venture Company to participate joint investment of Utapao Airport and Eastern Aviation City Development Project with The Royal Thai Navy. 


2. Payment of interim dividend

The Meeting acknowledged payment of interim dividend instead of annual dividend to reduce impact on shareholders that may arise from postponement of the Meeting from previous schedule on 20 April 2020.  The Board then resolved to approve payment of interim dividend at rate of 0.10 Baht per share, a total sum of 206,000,000. - Baht (two hundred and six million Baht). Rate of dividend paid is approximately 68% of retained earnings from separate financial statements, after deduction of legal reserve.


3. Election of directors to replace those retired by rotation.

At the Meeting, four directors retired by rotation were

1. ACM Kaset Rochananil                    Independent Director /Chairman of the Board

2. Mr. Sripop Sarasas                           Independent Director

3. Mr. Puttipong Prasarttong-Osoth      Board of Directors

4. Mr. Anawat Leelawatwatana                        Board of Directors

The meeting resolved to re-elect the four directors retired by rotation for another term of office.


4. Addition of objectives of the Company

The Meeting resolved to approve additions of 2 Company objectives

· to conduct business through e-commerce channel

· to conduct business through direct sales and direct marketing when approved by relevant authorities


A total of 149 shareholders attended the AGM of Shareholders 2020 in person and by proxy, holding a total of 1,646,469,201 shares.

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06 July 2020