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Press Release


Bangkok Airways launches “BAREIT”

Showcasing investment potential of Samui Airport as tourists stream into Thailand
Highlighting strategic features as gateway connecting flights from around the world to Koh Samui

Bangkok Airways (BA) launches “BAREIT”, showcasing investment potential of Samui Airport, welcoming tourists as the country is fully opened. As an international airport for inbound and outbound flights capable of serving six million passengers a year, the airport is in a strategic location as a gateway connecting Koh Samui to all corners of the world.

Mr.Puttipong Prasarttong-Osoth / President / Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited (BA) as the sponsor, says that the country’s full opening and relaxation of travel rules are positive factors for Thailand’s tourism as a whole. Citing the Tourism Authority of Thailand, he says it is expected that 2022 will see the number of foreign tourists entering the country increase to 7-10 million. The development will be a positive contribution to Koh Samui’s tourism as it is a highly popular tourist destination. Each year, July and August ushers in a high season on Koh Samui, during which a large number of tourists are expected to arrive, evidenced by the ever-increasing number of flight bookings. The number of passengers serviced by the Samui Airport is expected to reach a regular level by 2024 and continue rising thereafter.

BA’s Samui Airport is Thailand’s first privately-owned airport and an international airport serving both inbound and outbound flights, capable of receiving 16,000 passengers daily or about six million passengers a year. It is situated in a strategically important location for tourism and is a gateway conveniently connecting Thailand to major destinations in the region.

The airport itself has been designed and constructed with the environment and natural surroundings in mind. It was designed as a resort-style airport that emanates the natural feel and atmosphere of the Koh Samui Island. It allows for passenger jets with narrow body, such as the Airbus A319, that can fly in from Bangkok in less than an hour. It is the first airport to have been awarded a Carbon Footprint label by the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization in 2016 and 2017 as well as cited in the list of the Top Ten Airport Worldwide in 2017. Most recently, the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion last year awarded it the Silver Prize under its Green Airport Project.

Throughout Samui Airport’s 33 years as a public airport, BA has fastidiously promoted tourism that is friendly to the environment. It has continuously carried out several CSR projects and has been consistently determined to maintain safety standards, to be environmentally friendly and to progress and grow with the Samui community without fail.

Ms.Leelapat Leelahavanich / Managing Director / Bangkok REIT Management Company Limited., as the REIT Manager, adds that the BA Airport Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust or BAREIT has been established to invest in leasehold rights of Samui Airport for 25 years. The REIT is a new alternative for investors who wish to invest in trust funds that yield good and stable returns over the long term. BAREIT, she says, will earn revenue from subleasing the Samui Airport to a subsidiary of Bangkok Airways Pcl., which is the airport operator. Consequently, investors can be confident that the property management is in good hands and yields good revenue. And, as the country is now open for all tourists, the airport could expand its capacity to serve both domestic and international flights.

As such, BAREIT will have regular earnings from lessees, yielding steady returns on investment, a good alternative to generate income for long-term investment.

Mr. Sawit Srisarunyapong Investment Banking Business Head – KASIKORNBANK PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Financial Advisor., says that the offering prospectus (filing) has been filed with the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It is expected that BAREIT will be up for trading in the Stock Exchange of Thailand within this year.

BAREIT is the first REIT in Thailand that invests in an airport. However, it can expect to benefit from properties that are stable and generate earnings from a reliable lessee with vast experience and strong financial standing. BAREIT will benefit from the recovery of tourism and the outstanding features of Koh Samui, which is a popular destination for tourists around the world. BAREIT will invest in the leasehold rights to lease the real properties that are used for the airport operation on Koh Samui Island for the duration of 25 years. Meanwhile, to instill confidence for the investors, Bangkok Airways has appointed Bangkok REIT Management Co., Ltd. as the REIT Manager, a move that is intended to buttress the REIT’s management for the greatest benefit of all investors.


20 July 2022