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Press Release


New colorful flavors to enjoy while flying! Bangkok Airways introduces in-flight snack “Sky Bites” banana chips in two flavors, starting now

BANGKOK, November 9, 2022 - Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited brings colorful flavors to its flights with the introduction of ‘Sky Bites' banana chips in two flavors: Banana Chips in Original Salted Flavor, and Banana Chips seasoned with Barbecue Flavor. The banana chips are rich in taste with crispy texture, tempting smell, cracking sound when crunched, and are properly stored in a well-thought-out package. They are ready to be served on Bangkok Airways flights servicing, Bangkok – Samui - Bangkok, Bangkok – Maldives- Bangkok, Chiang Mai –Samui- Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai to Phuket, and Chiang Mai to Krabi. 

'Sky Bites' banana chips are made with care in every step of the process, from harvesting Gros Michel Bananas, one of Thailand’s economic fruits, at the right maturity stage; to undergoing a special cooking method to ensure nutritional qualities are retained without compromising on freshness and deliciousness. Snack sets from Bangkok Airways change seasonally, depending on availability of ingredients, to support agricultural produce from local communities, in line with the company’s mission to "pass on the pride" from local communities to its passengers in Thailand and in the region.  

In addition to 'Sky Bites' snacks, Bangkok Airways also offers in-flight food, plus snacks and beverages at its airport lounges in selected airports. 

Those who are interested in flying with Bangkok Airways can find out more about flight details at or contact your travel agent or Bangkok Airways Call Center at  1771 or 02-270-6699 during 08.00-20.00, or PG LiveChat: For the latest news and updates, follow or Line Official Account: @flybangkokair by clicking

09 November 2022