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Press Release


Bangkok Airways Plc AGM of Shareholders 2022

On Tuesday 19 April 2022, Bangkok Airways Plc (the Company) organized AGM of Shareholders 2022 (the Meeting) at Jupiter room, Miracle Grand Convention Center Hotel chaired by ACM Kaset Rojananil, Chairman of the Company, attended by Board of Management and shareholders. Significant agendas included.

1. Report on Annual Operation Results 2021

The Meeting acknowledged the Annual Report on Operation Result 2021 and reported on adjustment of flight routes according to COVID-19 situation and relief measures to open up the border for international air traffic.

Furthermore, in line with the Company fleet expansion plan, two aircraft were decrease to the fleet, making a total of 37 aircraft at the end of 2021 comprising 13 Airbus A319, 9 Airbus A320, 2 ATR72-500 and 13 ATR72-600.

In 2021, Bangkok Airways received two Skytrax World Airline Awards as  

  1. World Best Regional Airline. 
  2. Best Regional Airline in Asia and ranked at No. 19 in World’s TOP 100 Airlines 2021

2. No payment of Dividend

The Company Separate Financial Statement in 2021 shows that the Company made a loss. Therefore, the AGM of Shareholders resolved to approve no payment of dividend for operation of business in 2021.

3. Election of directors to replace those retired by rotation.

At the Meeting, three directors retired by rotation were

  1. Pol.Lt.Gen. Visanu     Prasarttong-Osoth       Director
  2. Mr. Saharatna            Benyakul                      Independent Director
  3. Mrs. Ariya                   Prasarttong-Osoth       Director

The meeting resolved to re-elect the four directors retired by rotation for another term of office.

A total of 270 shareholders attended the AGM of Shareholders 2022 in person and by proxy, holding a total of 1,634,825,268 shares.

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21 April 2022