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Press Release


Bangkok Airways reassures passengers with international safety standard

Bangkok Airways/21 June 2015 – Bangkok Airways PCL announces that its safety standard is at international level - certified by IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) to reassure all passengers.

IOSA program is an internationally recognized and accepted evaluation system designed by IATA (The International Air Transport Association) to assess the operational management and control systems of an airline. Moreover, IOSA program is highly recognized by global aviation industry.

Mr.Puttipong Prasarttong- Osoth, President of Bangkok Airways comments, “Bangkok Airways is a member of IATA and is audited by IOSA Standards and Recommended Practices (ISARPs) every 2 years, which we have been in the system since 2008. We have continuously followed ISARPS’s protocols and regulations and we will always maintain these measures at the highest level for the safety of our staffs and passengers”.

“However, the red flag appeared on ICAO website is an indication to inform that the referred party is in the process in order to comply with ICAO’s regulations and that does not necessarily mean that the particular airline, airport or aircraft employed in that specific country is unsafe which I understand that The Department of Civil Aviation of Thailand (DCA) is doing everything they can to improve the situation. Whilst, Bangkok Airways is willing to provide full support and cooperation that DCA may need for the process”, added Mr. Puttitong.

22 June 2015