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Press Release


Bangkok Airways organizes the “Bangkok Airways Aviation Youth Camp 2019”

Bangkok – Recently, Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited led by Mr. Puttipong Prasarttong-Osoth, President (3rd from left), organized the “Bangkok Airways Aviation Youth Camp 2019”, flying over 56 high school students from the Sukhothai, Trat and Koh Samui (Surat Thani) regions to participate in a 3-day-cost-free-youth-camp hosted by Bangkok Airways at Bangkok Airways Operations Center (BAOC) in Samut Prakan province. 

The “Bangkok Airways Aviation Youth Camp 2019” is one of the activities falling under the banner of Bangkok Airways's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) community sustainability programs. The Activity aims to inspire these young students to be interested in aviation and to offer an opportunity for them to discover their future career in the industry. The 3-day event was filled with various activities including an opportunity to be in the airlines advanced flight stimulator which was exclusively instructed by the airline’s president – Mr. Puttipong himself. Apart from that, the students also had a chance to hear real working stories from Bangkok Airways staffs from various different departments such as pilots, cabin crew, ground operations staff, ticketing staff, and engineers. The students also made a visit to Bangkok Air Catering, a catering unit of Bangkok Airways, where they got to see how the entire in-flight food service operations are conducted. 

The “Bangkok Airways Aviation Youth Camp 2019” recruited high school students aged between 14-17 years old from 7 schools in three provinces which were; Koh Samui School, Teeparatpittaya School Samui, Sukhothai Wittayakom School, Sawan Anan Wittaya School, Keereewesrattanapienuppatum School, Khlong Yai Wittayakom School and Trattrakarnkhun School. Additionally, some of Bangkok Airways staffs children were invited to participate in the program.

09 September 2019