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Press Release


Bangkok Airways organized a“Junior Running Clinic” activity

Under its "Bangkok Airways Boutique Series Running Campaign"

Koh Chang, Trat– Recently, Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited, led by the Corporate Social Responsibility Department, organized a “Junior Running Clinic.”  This event brought 50 students from Wat Salak Phet School to join Bangkok Airways "Ultra Trail Unseen Koh Chang," which was the first of its planned 7 running events in the Boutique Series 2018 program. This activity aims to provide local kids an opportunity to learn how to run in a professional race and to inspire them to see the importance of exercise.

Bangkok Airways has also added a further initiative to the running series, with their “Shoes For Kids” campaign. It provides the opportunity for runners to take part, by donating a pair of shoes to kids living in the provinces where the running races take place. Donations are made simple via www.teelakow.com. Selected students from neighboring schools at 7 destinations of the Bangkok Airways Boutique Series 2018, will get a chance to learn some running techniques from the pros, and also to receive running shoes that are donated by registered runners.

Bangkok Airways Boutique Series 2018 will consist of 7 running races in 7 different destinations throughout Thailand. The remaining races will take place in Krabi, Koh Samui, Lampang, Phuket, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. For more information please visit www.bangkokair.com/boutiqueactivities

15 March 2018