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Press Release


Bangkok Airways announces precaution plan for MERS-CoV


Bangkok/23 June 2015 -- Bangkok Airways PCL announces its safety measures for MERS-CoV to reassure passengers. The airline has ordered all of its stations to strictly follow advice and prevention procedure of the local authorities, in order to take appropriate measure in accordance to the standard of the state agencies and the Airport Authority of Thailand (AOT).

Moreover, Bangkok Airways has taken precautious steps for MERS-CoV prevention by adding frequency on aircraft deep cleaning schedule to all aircraft in its fleet, and providing extra hygienic masks and cleansing gel and information about MERS-CoV for staffs who works closely with passengers. However, in the event that a suspected MERS-CoV infected passenger is found on any Bangkok Airways flight, the airline will follow the prevention protocol and will clean and sterilize the aircraft immediately.

For more information please visit or call Bangkok Airways 24-hour Call Center 1771.

23 June 2015