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Press Release


Bangkok Airways Organizes the “English Club with Bangkok Airways” Activity in Koh Samui

Koh Samui - Recently, Bangkok Airways led by Mrs. Chanthip Thongkanya, Vice-President, Office of President, organized the “English Club with Bangkok Airways” activity to inspire and encourage students in Koh Samui to use English language in their daily lives. The activity was held at the grand ballroom of Samui Palm Beach Resort, Koh Samui and attended by the airline’s presenter - Yaya Urassaya Sperbund, local government officials, Bangkok Airways’ representatives and more than 120 students from surrounding schools of Samui Airport.

Mrs. Chanthip Thongkanya, Vice-President, Office of President of Bangkok Airways said, “Bangkok Airways, as an organization that utilizes English on a daily basis, understands the need for up-and-coming youths to learn how to effectively use the English language and thus organized such CSR activity ‘English Club with Bangkok Airways’ to inspire and encourage students from schools around Samui Airport to take a greater interest in learning English through fun and engaging activities”.

“English Club with Bangkok Airways activity is one of Corporate Social Responsibility programs by Bangkok Airways, allowing airline’s staff, partners, children and community members to come together for the betterment of society. The activity has been in held for two years now and previously took place in the provinces of Sukhothai, Trat and Koh Samui (Suratthani),” Mrs. Chanthip added.

The English Club with Bangkok Airways activity was joined by over 120 students from Wat Plai Laem School, Wat Buntrikkaram School and Wat Bang Raksa School, which all students had an amazing time learning English through fun-filled activities such as word guessing, word hinting and word pairing as well as a story telling in English by Yaya Urassaya.



  1. Mr. Noppadol Khawmali, Permanent Secretary of Samui (5th from left)
  2. Ms. Urassaya Sperbund , Actress (6th from left)
  3. Mrs. Chanthip Thongkanya, Vice President-Office of President (6th from right)
  4. Mrs.  Nongyao  Jirandorn , Director  Samui office  Tourism Authority of Thailand (5th from right)
  5. Mrs. Nutchayathorn Nutsudanijvipa, Director Samui Airport (4th from right)

13 November 2017