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Press Release


Bangkok Airways (BA) joins SET50 and SET100 Indexes


Bangkok / 30 June 2015 - The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) reveals that Bangkok Airways PCL stocks (BA) has been selected and added to its SET50 and SET100 indexes for the second half of 2015 (1 July – 31 December.) These inclusions demonstrate the potential of BA stocks in the global stock indices, making it more attractive for the global investors.

The SET50 Index and the SET100 Index provide a benchmark of investment in the Stock Exchange of Thailand. These indices are calculated, respectively, from the stock prices of the top 50 and 100 listed companies on SET in terms of large market capitalization, high liquidity and compliance with requirements regarding the distribution of shares to minor shareholders. The component stocks in the SET50 Index and the SET100 Index are reviewed every six months in order to adjust for any changes that have occurred in the stock market, such as new listings or public offerings. 

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01 July 2015