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About Bangkok Airways

Vision Statement

To be the leading airline in Asia

Mission Statements

We hold the following core values close to our heart. They remind us of what we must continually strive for to be the best airline in Asia.

1. Operational safety, both in the air and on the ground, will never, ever, be compromised. Safety is the very core of our value-offer to our customers, to our partners in the industry, and to our employees. Our safety mission is to continually maintain worldwide industry operational safety standards.

2. Maximizing shareholders’ return on investment is and shall always be an important measure of our success. Our profitability mission is to use our assets effectively in order to generate optimal and sustainable profits for all of our stakeholders.

3. We must never forget that our passengers choose which airlines to fly with. Our continued success depends on our customers and we promise to give them the best possible products and services available in the industry.

4. Our employees are our most important asset. They define who we are and are the soul of our airline. Through the use of industry best practices in human resource management and development, we strive to have not only highly motivated staff but also the best and most productive employees in the industry.

5. Corporate accountability is not just the latest buzzwords in the corporate world. It is also an important attribute that we have always believed in. We will continually adopt systems and procedures in our airline that will enhance corporate accountability, transparency and control.

6. We are proud to be a member of our community. We shall not forget our airlines’ humble beginnings as we assume the increasing responsibilities of good corporate citizens. We believe that serving our community is not only a duty but also an honour and privilege.