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Press Release


Bangkok Airways and TCEB Showcase Dynamic Face of Chiang Mai for MICE visitors from CLMV market with an offer “Fly and Meet Double Bonus”

Chiang Mai – Recently, Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited in collaboration with Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) hosts a familiarisation trip to Chiang Mai for 30 agents and press members from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV) to showcase a new chapter of dynamic development of the city into a potential MICE destination. The trip is organized after the launch of “Fly and Meet Double Bonus”, a joint promotional campaign of the two organizations offering TCEB’s customised supporting program and Bangkok Airways’ travel privileges for MICE visitors from CLMVmarket. The two strategic partners are confident that Chiang Mai will be an inspiring destination for the growing market of CLMV.

Mr. Komkrit Ngamwongwirot, Bangkok Airways’ Regional Sales Director said “We are delighted to be an exclusive airline partner for this co-hosted familiarisation trip with TCEB showcasing Chiang Mai as a potential MICE destination in Thailand after the launch of our joint campaign “Fly and Meet Double Bonus” earlier this year. I believe this trip allows the delegates of both travel agents and the media from CLMV markets to experience first-hand the capacity of Chiang Mai to hold business events as well as Bangkok Airways’ products and services as a full service carrier”.

“With a strong support from TCEB and Bangkok Airways’ long-standing presence in CLMV market, as well as, its flexible flight connectivity within the domestic Thai market linking the MICE cities — Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and U-Tapao (Pattaya), I strongly believe that it will attract a growing number of CLMV business travelers into the country”. Mr.Komkrit added.

Mrs. Nichapa Yoswee, Senior Vice President – Business, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau stated “The bureau’s business focus on CLMVmarket is in response to the government’s “Stronger Together” policy which aims to enrich business opportunities and strengthen economic partnership between Thailand and ASEAN members. TCEB, as a government agency promoting Thailand as a business event destination, is now boosting promotion and offering support for CLMV market whose number of MICE visitors to Thailand has been noticeably growing in the past 5 years. Vietnam took up more than 50% of almost 50,000 CLMV’s MICE visitors last year and has shown an encouraging sign of strong growth, exceeding an all-time high of 51,416 during just the first three quarters of TCEB’s 2018 financial year. The other three countries have also posted an all-time high during the same period with 11,596 from Myanmar, 10,665 from Cambodia and 23,539 from Lao PDR”.We expect to welcome more of our CLMV MICE visitors in the fourth quarter and really look forward to a new height for the whole year of 2018”.

“As part of the bureau’s strategy in driving MICE industry and strengthening ties with neighboring countries, TCEB joins up with Bangkok Airways as a strategic partner thanks to the carrier’s strong network in CLMV market. TCEB also chooses Chiang Mai for this familiarisation trip during 1-4 August 2018 because the city has been one of major MICE cities in the bureau’s strategic plan. The theme of the trip is Chiang Mai: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow to showcase the unique treasure and dynamic development of the city into a prominent MICE destination” added TCEB SVP –Business.

Chiang Mai is a convincing showcase of a destination where long tradition, ancient cultural root and fertile ecology are incorporated into the development of MICE products and services, while modern world elements are adopted and adapted to make their products and services a more sophisticated and unique one for MICE visitors. The city’s gentle pace provides a perfect platform to become a creative city, drawing fresh and young talents to feature their future perspectives. A strong MICE community with active collaboration between public, private and academic sectors in Chiang Mai also presents an even brighter prospect for the city to become an attractive MICE destination.

One testament of such new and dynamic development of Chiang Mai is its remarkable 110% growth in hosting international meetings in just 5 years. From a mere 10 events in 2013, it grew to 21 in 2016 and 2017, according to the statistics of International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA).

One key strength of the city is convenient access. Chiang Mai International Airport is the country’s third largest, handling 10 million passengers a year and serving 31 scheduled airlines. It operates 50 daily flights to and from Bangkok, taking only 1 hour. Moreover, it serves direct flights with China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Myanmar and Vietnam.  In December last year, Chiang Mai began to serve directs flight from Doha, raising its international access for MICE visitors. 

The trip’s 30 participants consist of leading press members and key MICE business agents from all four countries. They will meet Chiang Mai’s MICE stakeholders and experience luxury hotels, world-class accommodation, unique venues, restaurants, historic attractions, ecological learning site, as well as,creative activities designed particularly for MICE visitors.

“Fly and Meet Double Bonus” has been co-developed with Bangkok Airways to cater to CLMV market. The campaign is made up of 2 parts: TCEB’s incentives, which include either financial subsidy or in-kind support of cultural performance and MICE Lane service, and Bangkok Airways’ privileges, such as additional baggage allowance, pre-assigned group seating, special group check-in counter, prioritised service and souvenirs. The campaign is applicable for a group of more than 50 business travellers who stay at least for 2 nights at a registered hotel or hold events at venues certified with Thailand MICE Venue Standard (TMVS).

“MICE is a true growth driver.” TCEB SVP added. “And we will grow stronger together as a vibrant region. TCEB is a proud partner for business events of CLMV MICE visitors. And now with Bangkok Airways on board, our MICE opportunities get stronger. “Fly and Meet Double Bonus” will surely strengthen business and economic ties between us, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand”.

07 August 2018