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Good news! Bangkok Airways passengers now have the option of exchanging their unused ticket for a travel voucher. The vouchers can be used for future ticket purchases with Asia’s Boutique Airline.

Requesting a Travel Voucher

1. Fast. Typically, a cash or credit card refund process can be time-consuming but a travel voucher can be issued within 24 hours for instant ticket purchase.
2. Free. The issuance of a travel voucher and ticket is free of charge which means passengers have more scheduling and travel flexibility.
3. Safe. Travel Vouchers will be issued by an international standard security system that delivers data electronically to the passenger’s email or communication device. Passengers can rest assured that only themselves will have access to the travel voucher data.

Ticket Purchased Channel
Booking Reference
Email Address
Phone Number
Reason to Refund
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Term and Conditions

1. Only fully-unused, Bangkok Airways tickets can be exchanged for a travel voucher must be Bangkok Airways fully unused ticket. Tickets must begin with the three digits, 829, for Bangkok Airways flights only (Flight Code PG XXX or PG XXXX).
2. Travel voucher is available for the payment as listed below.

A) Ticket fare (airport taxes included)* or
B) Prepaid Baggage Allowance* or
C) Blue Ribbon Club service fee at Suvarnabhumi International Airport* or
Chiangmai International Airport or Phuket International Airport* or
D) Blue Ribbon Club service fee at Samui International Airport* or
E) Cabin Upgrade from Economy to Business Class on the departure date*

The full value of the travel voucher must be used in the same transaction and any remaining value will not be refunded.
* Use of the travel voucher for any miscellaneous transactions or ancillary service payments can only be undertaken by the original holder of the (unused) Bangkok Airways ticket showing a PG XXX flight number and confirmed flight plan

3. Travel voucher must be purchased via the website or a Bangkok Airways Ticketing Office only
4. Travel Voucher is valid for one year from the date of issuance. After that it shall be voided and cannot be used or refunded.
5. Travel Voucher will be issued in the name of the passenger shown on the original ticket only, this cannot be transferred or changed name of passenger.
6. Travel Voucher owners are responsible for keeping any information contained in Travel Voucher confidential. Under no circumstances will Bangkok Airways be held liable for theft or loss of Travel Voucher.
7. One Travel voucher can be used for one passenger and available for the purchase following to the conditions in No.2 for sector (A), (B), (C), (D) or (E) only one time.
8. Travel Voucher is not a product for sale and Bangkok Airways will not be held responsible for any untoward transaction.
9.Bangkok Airways reserves the rights to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.

Please acknowledge the stated terms and conditions before clicking on 'Accept and Submit' to give your consent for Bangkok Airways to issue the travel voucher. You are also agreeing to waive your right to receive the ticket refund in the form of a monetary payment. This process is irreversible.