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Travel Voucher

What is Travel Voucher?
Travel Voucher is Bangkok Airways' new alternative for its passenger to exchange their unused ticket into voucher which can be kept and used for future purchases with the airline.

Why Travel Voucher?
1. Fast. Typically, a cash or credit card refund process can be time-consuming but a travel voucher can be issued within 24 hours for instant ticket purchase.
2. Free. The issuance of a travel voucher and ticket is free of charge which means passengers have more scheduling and travel flexibility.
3. Safe. Travel Vouchers will be issued by an international standard security system that delivers data electronically to the passenger’s email or communication device. Passengers can rest assured that only themselves will have access to the travel voucher data.

How to get Travel Voucher?
Access the thumbnail "Travel Voucher - request" below to submit your requisition in exchanging unused ticket through our online form.

Where to use Travel Voucher?
Access the thumbnail "Travel Voucher - redemption" below to submit your requisition in redeeming your voucher through our online form.