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Bangkok Airways Booking Policy

In attempt to ensure availability, reduce unnecessary distribution cost related to abusive reservation practices and minimize the unproductive cost associated with the distribution of Bangkok Airways’ products and services, Bangkok Airways introduces this booking policy (“Policy”) as a guideline in order to properly distribute, reserve, book and issue ticket of Bangkok Airways flight.

This Policy is emphasized on preventing a negative impact on the airline’s inventory. It applies to all GDS/CRS subscribers including travel agents (IATA & Non-IATA; Domestic and International) and any person or entity accessing Bangkok Airways’ internal reservation system content (“Users”).

The improper/ abusive practice created by the Users will be charged consequently. Please note that Bangkok Airways might issue ADM in order to charge the abusive booking to the Users without advance notice.

It is the responsibility of the Users to ensure that all of their employees, agents and contractors, in all of its locations are familiar with this Policy, including any future updates which shall be communicated via similar circular.

  1. Policy
    1. Inactive segments
      Changes to itinerary segment status resulting in inactive segments is required to remove from PNR at least 24 hours prior to flight departure. The inactive segment includes ticketed or un-ticketed segments with a status code of HX, NO, UC, UN, US, SC, WK, WL, or WN.
    2. Churning
      Excessive and repeated booking and canceling of space that is often done in a purpose of:
        - Achieving the GDS/CRS productivity targets.
        - Holding inventory.
        - Circumventing or extending Ticketing time limits.
        - Repeatedly Waitlisted bookings; in a same or lower class of service.
      The above practices are considered as a Booking Policy violation
    3. Duplicate booking / segment / alternative segments
      The creation of active or passive duplicated booking by the same GDS subscriber in the same or different GDS is prohibited. Including multiple itineraries for any number of passengers with the same passenger that cannot be logically flown, whether identical itineraries or not.
    4. Fictitious/Speculative booking & ticket numbers

      4.1 It is prohibited to make speculative bookings not directly related to a request from a passenger. Your cooperation is requested to use GDS only when it relates directly to a passenger’s request or intention to purchase a ticket.

      4.2 Creating segment, passive or active, or a combination of both, to meet GDS productivity agreements and gain GDS incentives are not permitted under any circumstances. This includes the ticketing of duplicate space from one GDS to another to fulfill booking requirements.

      4.3 Inputting fictitious ticket numbers or previously used ticket numbers to hold a booking leads to a reduction of Bangkok Airways availability. Bookings which contain fictitious names or false ticket numbers will be screened. Once identified, such a booking is subject to automatic cancellation and a fee, as per the fee structure listed under consequences for policy violation.

    5. Passive bookings
      Passive booking must only be used for ticketing purposes. It must have an exiting confirmed booking in order to create passive booking. The creation of passive segment when it is possible to claim Bangkok Airways created PNR instead is not permitted.
    6. Marriage segments
      Married segments may be offered at a different level of availability than if the segments were sold separately. Married segment may not be separated. Agents that break married segments to the mere scope of gaining access to otherwise unavailable classes will be charged with ADM.
    7. Un-ticketed No-show segments
      Agents are responsible for cancellation any un-ticketed booking prior to departure according to the applicable ticket time limit. The violating of cancellation such booking with NS status is counted as unproductive segment.
    8. Block Space by Individual Booking; separating individual bookings instead of creating group procedure is prohibited. Such booking are subject to cancellation without prior notification.
    9. Training and test booking (non-billable status code)
      The training mode or non-billable status codes provided by the GDS must be used when testing situations or training personnel. Creating PNRs for training purposes using active sell segment status codes is prohibited.
    10. Booking on the day of departure without instant ticketing is not permitted.
  2. Consequences for Policy violations
  3. Policy Charges (USD, equivalent local currency)
    Un-cancelled Inactive segments USD 5.00 per segment
    Invalid Class of service vs. the Fare Rule As per fare differential plus an administration fee per ADM
    Duplicate booking / segment / alternative segments for the same passenger USD 5.00 per segment
    Fictitious/speculative booking & ticket numbers USD 5.00 per segment
    Training & Test Booking USD 5.00 per segment
    Breaking of Married Segment As per fare differential plus an administration fee per ADM


    1. An administration fee of USD20.00 per ADM will be charged in addition to the above violation charges.
    2. Bangkok Airways reserves the right to adjust the violation charges and/or administration fee as it deems appropriate without prior notice.

    This Policy shall become effective as from 01 Apr, 2013.