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Baggage Irregularity

Your satisfaction is our priority. Nonetheless, when our service cannot be delivered as wished due to any irregularity, we always do our best to serve you. If you encounter any luggage mishandled such as delay delivery, lost, damaged and pilferage, please contact the local Bangkok Airways Baggage Service desk or the Local Bangkok Airways representative BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE AIRPORT to file the claim. You will receive a written confirmation with a reference number. Please always retain this document for further action until the case is settled. If you are unable to make any report before leaving, please refer to Notice of Claims link below.

Missing Baggage

Report a missing baggage

1.If you have already reported a missing baggage, please click here

2.If you have already reported a missing baggage and your baggage is still missing after 5 days,

please fill Baggage Claims Questionnaire form (BCQ) click here and submit to [email protected]

(Click to view and print)

3.If you have already left the airport , please contact [email protected]

Damaged or Pilfered Baggage

Report a damaged or pilfered baggage

1. If you have already reported a damaged or pilfered baggage,

please contact baggage services office as per contact details shown on your Property Irregularity Report (PIR)

2. If you find the damaged baggage after leaving the airport, you will have to return to the airport along with your damaged baggage to Bangkok Airways Baggage Services Staff to physically examine the damage within 7 days from date of receiving the baggage.

Please retain the following original mandatory documents;

  • Baggage Claim Tag
  • A copy of Passport or ID card
  • Boarding pass or e-ticket
Note: We will not process the claim in case of incomplete mandatory documents as above.


Lost Property

Find your personal items that you have misplaced on an aircraft, please contact [email protected]