Special Baggage

CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) & POC (Portable Oxygen Concentrator)

  1. PG allows passengers to bring CPAP/POC devices in to the cabin but the passenger has to let down water from the CPAP to pass the security check.
  2. If the CPAP has a battery, both built-in or external, it will be considered as ‘dangerous goods,’ as listed in the IATA Dangerous Goods Manual.
  3. If the passenger has a lithium-ion battery exceeding a Watt-hour rating of 100 Watt-hours but not exceeding 160 Watt-hours, they may be carried as spare batteries in carry-on baggage, or in equipment in either checked or carry-on baggage. The airline kindly requests that no more than 2 individually-protected spare batteries per person may be carried on to the plane.
  4. PG will allow the use of CPAP on board for medical use without a doctor’s certificate, but does not permit the use of POC on board.


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