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Separate Ticket Policy

Bangkok Airways Separate Ticket Policy

In accordance to comply with industry standards & practices and APPS (Advance Passenger Processing System),
Bangkok Airways would like to announce the Revision of Separate Ticket Policy applied to all Bangkok Airways operated flights as per following details.

When passenger travel with two separate tickets, Bangkok Airways will no longer through-check passenger and bags to the end destinations on the secondary separate ticket.

Through-check will only be done when the secondary separate ticket is to travel on the following criteria:
•   Bangkok Airways’ operating flights (PGXXX) 3 digits
•   Bangkok Airways’ Codeshare Partner flights (flight number ranging between 4000-4999 eg. PG4XXX)

According to such revised policy, a passenger and bags will be checked between the origin and destination points that are reflected on a single or conjunctive ticket.

If the traveler holds a second ticket on another airline beyond the destination of the first ticket, Bangkok Airways will check passenger and bags to the destination on the first ticket(s).

For domestic/international sectors connecting to domestic destination, the traveler must collect their baggage on arrival at their first ticketed destination, and then re-check in and baggage with the next carrier for their continuing flight(s) after going through immigration process, if any. This is also applied for both domestic origins connecting to international end destinations, as well as international origins connecting to international destinations.

For passenger with a single ticket number from origin to destination, this will not be an issue. Bangkok Airways has broken down the scenarios as follows:



The scenario below, illustrate the exemption of separate ticket policy for Airlines under agreement with Bangkok Airways.
- Passenger must request for through check-in upon check-in at the airport as well as providing detail of the second ticket.

Furthermore, with the revised new separate ticket policy, Bangkok Airways hold no responsibility for any mishandling or misconnect flight other than our operating flight from origin to destination reflected on Bangkok Airways’ ticket. This policy will apply to all inbound and outbound travel.

 For INBOUND travel, Bangkok Airways will not accept through check both passenger and bags from International/domestic flight to connect with any PG flight in case of any two separate tickets issued.  Passenger must claim the luggage and recheck in at Bangkok Airways check in counter to obtain PG boarding pass. For those traveling with International flight, passenger must also need to clear customs and immigration.   

Bangkok Airways strongly recommend traveler to issue ticket in one conjunctive ticket instead of multiple separate tickets to avoid hassles at the connecting point, and enjoy care free journey without anxieties.

For more information, please contact our Call Center 1771 or +66 (2) 270 6699.