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Press Release

HRH Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya visits Bangkok Airways’ booth at ITB 2017
13 March 2017

Trat Aiport receives EIA Monitoring Awards 2016
07 March 2017

Bangkok Airways, the first airline in Thailand to receive the new Air Operation Certificate (AOCs) from the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand
27 February 2017

Bangkok Airways announces Operating Results of 2016 and Business Outlook for 2017
27 February 2017

Bangkok Airways celebrates the Valentine’s Day with a special in-flight dessert menu
10 February 2017

Bangkok Airways launches “Bangkok Airways Boutique Series 2017” 6 running races in 6 beautiful destinations across Thailand
03 February 2017

Bangkok Airways announces to increase its domestic fares resulting from the rise in excise tax on jet fuel
01 February 2017

Bangkok Airways to serve a special in-flight Chinese Pastry In celebration of the Chinese New Year Festival
25 January 2017

Bangkok Airways launches "PG Together Promotion"
12 January 2017

Bangkok Airways receives its latest Airbus 320
06 January 2017

Bangkok Airways launches "A Lifetime Experience in London with Bangkok Airways" campaign
05 January 2017

Bangkok Airways’ FlyerBonus Organizes an Exclusive Trip to Central Vietnam
21 December 2016

Bangkok Airways serves a special in-flight menu in the occasion of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej's Birthday
30 November 2016

Bangkok Airways Organizes Coconut Trees Planting Activity in Koh Samui
21 November 2016

Bangkok Airways introduces “Call Center Check-in” service
18 November 2016