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Discovery Airpass

Terms and Conditions

  1. Purchase a minimum of three coupons (or a maximum of sixteen).
  2. Seats are limited; some flights do not offer seats at all.
  3. All quoted prices exclude taxes, airport departure fees and other charges.
  4. Coupons are non transferable, but rerouting is permitted at a charge of USD 30 per transaction, plus any fare difference.
  5. The Airpass is being sold worldwide by any IATA travel agent.

Fare Rules

  1. RESERVATION AND PAYMENT : All sectors must be confirmed before issue the ticket. If payment is not in USD, Bank Selling Rate (BSR) will be used for conversion in local currency.
    • Discovery Airpass can be sold worldwide.
    • Ticket issuance: applicable on PG*/QV/HR/GP/STA** documents only.
    • PTA transaction is not permitted.
    Notes: * It is required to have at least 1 PG sector when using PG document for ticket issuance
    Exception for STA:
    ** It is mandatory to use PG document (829) when issuing PG & QV programme flights.
    ** STA document (000) is applicable on PURE PG segments only.
  3. MINIMUM STAY : No minimum stay is required.
    Exception: ONE day for Siem Reap (REP). Passengers traveling to Siem Reap are required to stay at least one night in this city.
  4. MAXIMUM STAY : No maximum stay is required.
  5. STOPOVER : Unlimited allowed.
    PG Domestic and International : L
    QV Domestic and International : T
    Applicable Routes RBD Tier1 Tier2
    PG Domestic To/From USM 1) Y Class USD55 N/A
    PG International To/From USM Y Class USD100 USD150
    Notes: 1) HKT/KBV – USM vv. can be booked under Y class upon unavailability of L class without additional Y surcharge.
              2) Y surcharge should apply to adult and child. Infant with no seat is exempted.
              3) Discovery Airpass condition should be applied on Y class coupon.

    Example (Adult fare)
    Applicable Routing : HKT – CNX – BKK – USM – HKG
    • HKT – CNX    L Class = USD94.00
    • CNX – BKK    L Class = USD94.00
    • BKK – USM    L Class = USD94.00
    • USM – HKG    Y Class = USD200.00 + Surcharge USD150.00 = USD350.00
    Inapplicable Routing : USM – BKK – CNX – HKT – USM
    • USM – BKK    L Class = USD94.00
    • BKK – CNX    L Class = USD94.00
    • CNX – HKT    L Class = USD94.00
    • HKT – USM    Y Class = USD94.00
    “AIRPASS” followed by the number of each coupons issued in its sequence. Indicator /CH or /IN for Child or Infant passenger is applicable.
    Example: 4 coupons Airpass will apply Fare basis as AIRPASS1, AIRPASS2, AIRPASS3, AIRPASS4 for each coupon in its sequence.
  9. TRANSFERS : Unlimited transfers allowed.
    Minimum 3 coupons
    Maximum 16 coupons
  11. COUNTING OF FLIGHT COUPONS : Each flight needs a coupon and total of flight coupons will determine the fare of Discovery Airpass.
    Sequential use of coupon : Each ticket must be used in its entirety and in the order which the coupons are issued. Non-sequential use of the tickets are not permitted.
  12. ROUTING : Individual sector must not be traveled more than once in each direction.
    Example: BKK-USM-BKK-USM-SIN (not permitted) Or BKK-REP-BKK-REP-PNH-BKK (not permitted)
  13. OPEN JAW : Allowed
  14. CHANGE OF RESERVATION : Change Flight/Date under the same RBD permitted free of charge. Additional taxes and other surcharges are subject to the system. In an event of several changes to the reservation, you may consider rechecking with the operating airlines whether the coupon has properly been associated.
  15. REROUTING / REISSUING : Permitted at a charge of USD 30.- per transaction plus fare, taxes and other surcharge difference, if any.
    Discovery Airpass may be extended as long as the maximum coupons are respected.
    Example for Rerouting: Discovery Airpass of 4 coupons may be reissued into 6 coupons by paying fare, taxes, and other surcharge difference plus the rerouting fee.
  16. REFUND
    • For total unused ticket, a ticket can be refunded by deducting refund administrative fee at USD60.00.
    • For partial used ticket or after first departure, refund is not permitted. Unused airport taxes can be refund without fee exempt fuel and insurance surcharge.

    Effective date April 1, 2010 PG Domestic Routes within Thailand fare has included YQ (insurance and fuel surcharge) into the base fare. However, YQ of PG International routes and QV flight, and other applicable taxes shall refer to the system.
    Example : USM – BKK – LPQ – VTE

    • USM – BKK (PG) = USD 94 + THB 300TA
    • BKK – LPQ (PG) = USD 120 + USD 31.00YQ + THB 700TS
    • LPQ – VTE (QV) = USD 88 + USD 13.00YQ + USD2.55LA
  18. DISCOUNTS : Apart from child and infant, no other discounts granted.
  19. BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE : 20 kg per person. Charges apply for excess baggage.
  21. COMMISSION : Applicable for all Sales of Discovery AirpassProgramme by:
    • PG/QV/HR/GP documents --Depend on Airline plate carrier and country of Sales.
    • STA:
      • under STA document (000), NO commission granted to STA.
      • under PG document (829), apply standard commission per country of Sales to STA .