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Cargo Service

Special Cargo

SCR 1000 : Live animals dog, cat ( charged at 150 % of Normal GCR but not less than 200 % of Minimum GCR )

Special cargo service as Live animals dog, cat (AVI) can accept for BKK-USM vv. USM-HKT vv. and BKK-HKT operated by ATR72 only.

Aircraft Type Limitation of Container Dimension (CM) Total weight (Including Cage)
ATR 72 2 80 x 45 x 65 20 KG
A319 2 100 x 60 x 75 60 KG
A320 3 100 x 60 x 75 60 KG

Remark : For further information, please contact to (+66) 2-134-3886.

SCR 2000: Folding carton, folding box, empty bucket / plastic bucket (All destinations shall be charged THB 4.50 /kg but not less than Minimum THB 500)

SCR 3000: Empty Foam Box (All destinations charged THB 20/ kg but not less than Minimum THB 600)

OTOPS : Special rate for One Tumbol One Products (with valid certificate).