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Chiang Mai

City of Flavour

It’s not surprising to discover that Chiang Mai is the dream destination for many people. It’s a place you have to visit at least once in your life. The charms and infinite variety of flavours the city has to offer continue to attract people time and again.

The main ingredients are all there to make you want to savour the place more. The 700 hundred years of history gives Chiang Mai a nostalgic feel. Glimpses of old temples and ancient city walls line the old moat, adding a touch of culture and tradition. Feast your eyes on the amazing local master craftsman ‘s work in work, silver and umbrellas. Such trade secrets have been passed down from generation to generation. Be captivated by the natural beauty surrounding the city as you discover the surrounding waterfalls, mountains, and indigenous flora and fauna. There’s just so much to see.

If that doesn’t satisfy your taste buds, you can always add something spicy to the mix. Get your adrenalines pumping with activities such as hiking, rock climbing, hot air ballooing, or another extreme sport you’ve been hungry to try. Chiang Mai has so many flavours to offer that people always come back asking for more. The city is like a dish that is the perfect blend of sweet, spicy and sour - a dish that can be served for every meal.

Not-to-be-Missed Sights and Activities

Exploring the city

There is something for everybody in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai Zoo and Night Safari both offer great entertainment for kids. A great place for teenagers to hang out,Nimmanhaemin Road- the hippest spot in Chiang Mai is a hand-picked destination for you. Right from the get-go, visitors will be mesmerized by the bustling shopping street adorned with street stores, restaurants, coffee shop and sundry stores that are each unique and of its own distinctive style. ThaePae Road- Thailand’s oldest walking street. Open every Sunday, this market sells a variety of cultural goods and local products such as clothes, local artworks and handmade souvenirs.  For visitors who want to shop whist sampling delicious food, explore temples, or go shopping for silverwork at Wualai district.

Natural surrounds

It’s difficult to describe the natural beauty of Chiang Mai in words. It is best experienced by rolling down your car windows, letting the cool breeze touch your face, and just cruising along the winding mountain passes. Watch pink Sakura trees bloom at Khun Chang Kian. Listen to the roaring waterfalls near DoiInthanon, the highest peak in Thailand and taste the fresh strawberries at the royal agriculture project in Ang Kang.Nature-lovers should definitely not miss a side trip to Mon Cham – a mountain-top paradise with panoramic, stunning view of fog-covered mountains in the wee hours of the morning and countless stars in the night sky. Mon Cham also houses the Royal Project farms which grow good varieties of cool-climate crops rarely grown elsewhere in Thailand. Additionally, if you do visit Mon Cham, be sure to drop by the Strawberry fields to pick strawberries varieties for tasting – a favorite activity for the whole family!


You can make merit at a temple for good karma or visit one just to appreciate the amazing historical architecture. There are so many to choose from. You can go pay your respects at the temple that contains the relic of the Buddha that corresponds to your Chinese zodiac sign. For example, people born in the year of the goat should pay their respects at Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. People born in the year of the rat should go to Wat Phrathat Sri Jom Thong. There is a temple for every sign. You can also drop by the first and only silver Buddhist monastery at Wat Srisuphun and be astounded by the temples of Lanna.

Chiang Mai zoo

For visitors travelling with kids, the Chiang Mai zoo is a great choice. Visitors can enjoy an up-close experience with the zoo’s various superstars: The Chinese Giant Panda, Hippopotamus, Asian Elephant, Bear, Bengal Tiger, Penguin, Sea lion, Macaw and many more! Another landmark of the Chiang Mai Zoo is its Aquarium, a “living” museum that boasts one of the world’s longest underwater pathways at 133 meters in length. The pathways are arranged into sea water and fresh water zones and thus allow creatures from different habitats to coexist under one roof. The Zoo Aquarium is truly a safe haven for a diversified group of fresh water fish from the Mekong River and fascinating creatures from under the sea.

Prized Handicrafts:

Don’t miss the chance to acquire some world-famous Thai handicrafts. Handmade umbrellas can be found at Bor Sang, silverwork can be found at Wualai, lacquer-ware at Wat Nantaram, and woodwork at Baan Tawai. You can also go observe how porcelain, chinaware, and hand-woven “Pa Fai” garments are made.

Floating lanterns at Sun Sai

Hundreds to thousands of floating lanterns light up the night sky during the Thai holiday, Loi Kra Thong. This event is celebrated every year in many places, but a good place to witness it is Tudongkha Sataan Lanna behind Mae Jo University. If you want to be a part of the festivities, head over to Sun Sai district.    

Delicious Dishes

If you pass by Chiang Mai and not taste the local cuisine then you don’t know what you’re missing. Start out with appetizers such as kaab moo (deep fried pork skin) and nam prick noom (roasted chillies with red onions and garlic). Dip the kaab moo into the nam prick noom. Next on the menu is sai ua, a type of sausage used to preserve food. Try it with some jasmine or sticky rice for an authentic Northern Thai dining experience.

Time to try the noodles. Khao Soi is a must-try dish of Chiang Mai. It is originally a Muslim dish served with chicken or beef. 

Also, ghang khae is made of ivy gourd, acacia, wild betel leaves, parsley, and devil’s fig, and the herbs and chillies make this soup very spicy. Another mouth-watering soup is gaeng ho. Ho means to mix together so it is a combination of various soups mixed into a single pot. Some chefs will add glass noodles and bamboo shoots. Kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass can also be added for aroma.

Reach your destination in no time with Bangkok Airways

Chiang Mai is a destination filled with hidden charms just waiting for you to discover. Bangkok Airways will help you reach your destination as comfortably and quickly as possible. The airline has won the Skytrax Award for six consecutive years. We will help make your 500-kilometre journey a breeze.

Food and drinks are served on every flight. Each day there are five flights from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and four from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. Flight time is 75 minutes. Our exclusive Boutique Lounge offers unlimited refreshments, hot and cold beverages, and Wi-Fi.

Continuing your journey

Once you’re done travelling around Chiang Mai and you still can’t get enough of Thailand, perhaps you would like to visit the beautiful beaches of KohSamuiand  Phuket. Bangkok Airways now has direct flights from Chiang Mai to Samui  and Phuket for your convenience.  New direct service from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son, “the city of three mists”, is now in the network.For those interested in Myanmar to discover  her great attractions and the wonderful uniqueness, the airline flies to Yangon and Mandalay from Chiang Mai.      

Route One Way (All Inclusive)
Chiang Mai - Krabi 3,580 THB
Krabi - Chiang Mai 3,530 THB

Route One way (All Inclusive)
Chiang Mai - Samui 5,890 THB
Samui - Chiang Mai 3,290 THB
Route One Way (All Inclusive)
Chiang Mai - Phuket 2,590 THB
Phuket - Chiang Mai 2,100 THB

* 3 days advance purchase required.

Route One Way (THB) Round Trip (THB)
Fare Taxes
& Surcharges
Total Fare Taxes
& Surcharges
Chiang Mai - Mandalay 2,690 1,845 4,535 3,790 3,645 7,435

* For international routes, please note the due to exchange rate fluctuations, the final tax amount is subject to change.

Route One Way (THB) Round Trip (THB)
Fare Taxes
& Surcharges
Total Fare Taxes
& Surcharges
Chiang Mai - Yangon 2,690 1,845 4,535 3,790 3,645 7,435

* For international routes, please note the due to exchange rate fluctuations, the final tax amount is subject to change.

Route Round Trip (USD)
Fare Taxes
& Surcharges
Yangon - Chiang Mai 110 111 221
Route One Way (All Inclusive)
Bangkok - Chiang Mai 1,350 THB*
Chiang Mai - Bangkok 1,350 THB*

* 30 days advance purchase required.

Route One Way (All Inclusive)
Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Son 1,190 THB
Mae Hong Son - Chiang Mai 1,140 THB
Route Round Trip (USD)
Fare Taxes
& Surcharges
Mandalay - Chiang Mai 110 111 221

Quick Facts

  • Currency

    Thai Baht (THB)
  • Electricity/Socket Adaptor

    220V 50Hz
  • Language

    Thai, English
  • Time zone

    UTC +7
  • Tel code

    +66 2
  • Religion



  • JUN - NOV

    Rainy season - wet and humid
    30°C - 35°C
    Prepare for rainy days
  • DEC - FEB

    Cool season - breezy evenings and comfortable weather
    26°C - 30°C
    Great time for sightseeing
  • MAR - MAY

    Hot season - sunny and blazing hot
    30°C - 40°C
    Bring plenty of water when out and about