FAQs : General Information

General Information

Q : Where can I purchase Discovery Airpass Promotion ?
A : Discovery Airpass is not available on www.bangkokair.com and within Thailand. You could contact our sales representative in your country or travel agent for more information regarding Discovery Airpass.
Q : Why there are many different fare ?
A : The difference between each fare is base on their validity and tickets conditions; Please check more details in Fare Conditions while process reservation online.
Q : Do I have to pay for my infant ticket ?
A : Yes. Infant ticket price is 25% of the applicable Published adult fare. You could pay for your infant ticket at least 1 day prior to the departure date at any of our ticket town office for the flights commence outside Thailand and prior to check in time for the flights commence inside Thailand. 
Q : Which airport do Bangkok Airways fly from and to ?
A : All our flights, both domestic and international flights are operated from and to Suvarnabhumi Airport.
Q : What is the minimum connecting time for Bangkok Airways ?
A : It depend on your route as list below:
  • International to Domestic 1.15 hours
  • Domestic to International 1.15 hours
  • International to International 1.15 hours
  • Domestic to Domestic 1.15 hours
Q : What time do I need to be at the check in counter for Bangkok Airways' flights ?
A : You have to be at the check in counter at least 1.30 hours prior to scheduled departure time for domestic flights and at least 2.00 hours prior to scheduled departure time for international flights.
Q : What time does Bangkok Airways check-in counter close ?
A : Our check-in counter will be close 40 minutes before domestic departure flight time and 50 minutes before international departure flight time.
Q : What is the luggage allowance for Bangkok Airways ?
A : We allow 20 kgs for adult/child, 10 kgs for infant and 30 kgs for Frequent Flyer Member (FFP).
Q : How much will I be charge if my luggage exceed 20 kgs ?
A : For each extra kgs 1.5% of the highest applicable published one way fare will be charge accordingly.
Q : Could I request my seat assignment ?
A : All seats are automatic assign, but you could request at the check-in counter.
Q : Could I travel with my pet ?
A : We allowed only cat and dog on to our flight. Please contact us at reservation@bangkokair.com for more information and further arrangement.
Q : Do we need to reconfirm our flights in advance ?
A : We would prefer our passengers to reconfirm their flights at least 1 day prior to the departure date. You can contact us to reconfirm your flight by phone to the office where your flight is commenced.