How can I enroll in the FlyerBonus Program? Does it cost anything?
Simply log on to FlyerBonus website and complete an online application. It takes just a few minutes to be fast on your way to benefiting from all the exciting FlyerBonus perks and privileges. Enrolling in the FlyerBonus program is absolutely free with no hidden charges




What benefits and privileges will I receive as a FlyerBonus member?
As a FlyerBonus member, you will be provided with ongoing opportunities to partake in special promotions, accrue points from FlyerBonus aligned activity and ultimately, redeem points for things like award flights and hotel stays. Once signed up, you are automatically a FlyerBonus Priority member, the first level on the membership tier, and are entitled to an excess baggage allowance (10kgs) on Bangkok Airways marketing and operating flight, point accrual and award redemption as well as regular updates on program events and promotions.





Will I receive any bonus points upon enrolment with FlyerBonus?
Yes! If you fly with Bangkok Airways after enrolling with FlyerBonus, you’ll automatically receive a 15 point bonus. Valid until December 31, 2015





Where can I find information on FlyerBonus membership benefits?
For more information about FlyerBonus membership benefits, please check out





Do FlyerBonus points expire?
FlyerBonus Points are valid for 3 years. Points earned in one calendar year remain valid until the end of the third calendar year after enrollment. For example, if a member earns points in December 2006, these points will remain valid until December 31, 2009.





What is a qualifying flight?
A qualifying flight is a flight that enables you to earn points. FlyerBonus points can be earned on all Bangkok Airways and Siem Reap Airways International operated flights. Please also remember that members must travel by paid tickets to receive point credit. Award tickets, unused and/or expired tickets, tickets returned for monetary compensation, denied boarding tickets, barter tickets and all non-revenue tickets do not qualify for point credit under any circumstances.





What is a qualifying stay?
Unless otherwise stated in each respective partner’s terms and conditions, a qualifying stay refer to accommodation stays at rack, published, or best unrestricted rates that is deemed eligible for point accumulation.





How can I contact FlyerBonus Customer Service?
FlyerBonus Customer Service can be contacted; Monday to Sunday, 8.00 hrs. - 20.00 hrs. Thailand local time (GMT +7) Tel : [Within Thailand:1771]  [Outside Thailand:66(02) 270 6699] or email to:




Who are FlyerBonus partners?
The FlyerBonus program has many esteemed partners including airlines, financial institutions, car rental agencies, hotels, and lifestyle/service providers. FlyerBonus members can accrue points and redeem awards for flights, accommodation and other services from participating partners. For more details on FlyerBonus partners, please visit and click on the submenu ‘Partners’.




I have lost my password, what should I do?
Your FlyerBonus password can be retrieved easily through the FlyerBonus website. Please visit and click on ‘Forgot Password’. The system will ask for your FlyerBonus ID. Put in your FlyerBonus ID and click ‘submit’. After that, answer your secret correctly and your FlyerBonus password will be sent to your mailbox.




Can I transfer points from my account to others?
FlyerBonus points that you have earned are non-transferable.