Booking Manual

Step 1 : Search

Visit website for flight reservation, fill and select desired option in the Booking Form (right hand side of the page) to proceed.
A : Select Journey type.
B : Select origin and destination.
C : Select date of traveling.
D : Select number and type of passenger.
E : Fill in the promotion code to enjoy the privilege.
F : Click "SEARCH".

Step 2 : FlyerBonus Program

A : Registered FlyerBonus member can login to the account.
B : Click "Login".
C : Displaying membership information.

Step 3 : Flight

A : All available flight and fare information will be displayed for selection.
B : After the selection, the summary of selected flight and fare will be shown at the right-hand side of the screen.
C : Check and review the details chosen, then click "CONTINUE" to proceed.

Step 4 : Passengers

The next page of passenger information will appear for filling.
A : Users are required to fill in these mandatory fields; title, first name, last name (according to passport or travel document), gender, telephone number and email.
Travel preferences are available for users to collect millage/ point from Frequent Flyer Program, Seat selection and Meal Preference.
B : For Frequent Flyer Program; select the preferred airline from the list, then fill in "ID number" with the membership number.
C : For seat preference, 2 types of seats will be available both aisle and window for selection.
D : For meal preference, choose one selection from the list of different meal types. Be noted that once chosen, such preferred meal will apply to all booked flights.
E : Once all mandatory fields are filled in, click "CONTINUE" to proceed.

Step 5 : Baggage

To purchase extra baggage allowance, click "ADD"
A : By clicking "ADD", the system will display necessary flight details and passenger names applicable for this purchase.
B : From the selection, maximum of 4 bags and extra weight allowance of 5kg / 10kg are purchasable respectively.
* Any purchasing of additional baggage allowance must be completed at least 4 hours prior to flight departure.

Step 6 : Seats

A : Select specific Seat preference from the available seat map (light blue). Once the preferred seat is selected, such seat will display in green.
B : Chosen seat will be displayed on the left side.
C : Click "Continue to payment" to proceed for the payment.
D : Click "Skip seat selection for all flights" to proceed for the payment without any seat preference at this stage.
* Seat selection will be available at "MODIFY MY BOOKING" section after the payment is completed.
** Seat selection service will be available 24 hours prior to flight departure time only.

Step 7 : Payment

A : Optional Travel Insurance is available to assure and cover losses from travel accident, flight cancellation, baggage lost etc.
* Deselection of this can be made by selecting "No thanks, I do not want Trip Protection".
B : Fill in credit card details, and accept terms and conditions as described.
C : Click "SUBMIT PAYMENT" to proceed.

Step 8 : OTP

A : For certain credit card, especially being issued from Thai Bank, the system will require additional information "OTP – One Time Password". This importation OTP code will be sent to your mobile number you registered with the issuing bank. Obtained code must be filled here to complete the transaction.
B : Click "Submit" to proceed the payment.

Step 9 : Confirmation

After the settlement, the confirmation page will appear, showing the travel summary: reservation code, travel itinerary and fare.
* The system will send booking information to email account that was previously provided.
** If the payment fails, the booking will be created with a reservation code. Notification of procedures will be advised.


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